Concept Art

Concept Art
The sky opened and then the rain came down. At First we thought that it was a blessing, after all those months of drought we thought that we had been blessed and this was heavens way of saying hello.
And from our high windows, we sat and watched the slaughter. We saw that Hell is not flames. Hell is water.

We stood, aghast, and watched the ground swell and rise. And only then, by turns, we realised It would not stop.
We gathered ourselves, took a deep breath, and emerged to find a world submerged. The sunken city sat beneath a fabric sheet of water.

And then far off we saw a light. Which blinked and beckoned, warm and bright. It seemed to call us.
Hello. My name is Nat. It was my light that you saw gleaming in the night. Me who waved to you across the waves.

And there sitting at its very tip we saw the huge powerful bow of the promised ship. We struggled aboard, collapsed, elated, on its deck.
There’s so much rust down there. Must’ve been a century or more since anyone’s used it. So that’s the score. Rust rock keel wheel rudder buggered. We’re stuck, in essence.

We floated with the current and in the evenings we would light our light. Float through the night. And sing to keep each other company.
Everybody, if you’re ready. It’s time for us to walk across the strait. It’s time for us to open up the gate. Don’t be scared.