3.0 - Proposal

3.0 - Proposal

For our next iteration of our R&D lab in live Volumetric capture we are working with award-winning playwright Rory Mullarkey alongside The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain to adapt their show FLOOD into a mixed reality theatre performance.

In Mullarkey’s darkly funny apocalypse play, water has overwhelmed the world and only a small group of teenagers remain to figure out how to survive. With stark allusions to global warming, war, and ongoing refugee crises, this immersive retelling of the ancient flood myth draws on both the immediacy of live theatre and the shape-shifting possibilities of CG and VR to bring home the reality of a world in flux. Audiences are invited to dive into the depths of the flood through headsets with integrated spatial audio as the actors, performing live inside the virtual world, morph between individual characters and the water itself.

The audience enters to see the small cast in plain, workmanlike clothes inside the circular volumetric scanning rig, ready to take on a variety of roles in the virtual space. The audience is welcomed in by the actors and ceremonially seated in an empty space and invited to put on their headsets to enter the world of FLOOD. After this point, the piece will take place completely within HTC Vive headsets and headphones, with the audience submerged in the story, engulfed by water and immersed in spatialised audio - the storms, currents, and swirling tides, an empty wind-swept land, an underwater landscape populated by a ghostly chorus, and the echoes of a lost population.

Through a custom physics-based liquid engine, the actors become water based figures of themselves and through physical theatre will manipulate the water becoming anything from a giant wave to a swirling current to the elemental particles of a rain storm. This flexibility and spontaneity allows the actors to take complete control of story and environment.

If you’re interested in seeing what we are working on please email info@megaverse.co and request a password too see our pitch video below.